Dream it. Build it.

Whether sailing around the world, racing in a prestigious regatta,
or cruising on the lake... we are passionate about making your dream a reality.

It is our mission to make the custom-build process more affordable
without compromising the quality and performance trademark of our boats.

Core Values

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We are craftsman, committed builders obsessed with making the finest racing and cruising yachts in the world. Our attention to detail can be seen in every weld, composite laminate, and mechanical system that goes into a boat.
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From over forty years in business, we have found honesty, trust, and professionalism to be the most important aspects of conducting business on any project, big or small.
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Our objective is to maximize the creation of value for our clients by optimizing the use of resources and efficiency of our management and production processes.
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Continuous Improvement

Our work is never done. Both during a build and after a new boat leaves on its maiden voyage, we continuously review and improve the accuracy and efficiency of our skills, production methods, and management processes.
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Social Responsibility

We live in a complex social and economic world, where every decision we make can have a significant impact on the lives of many. We strive to have a positive impact by creating stable jobs, paying a living wage, and giving back to our community.
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We work and play in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and are committed to reducing our footprint through better design, selection of materials, and being conscious of the impact in every decision we make. We have experience designing and building using the LEED rating system and look for ways to implement green building strategies on all of our projects.