Como Nova

Jade Resurrected

Few would say taking on the Jade project would be easy. The fate of many boats with similar stories end in the scrap yard; however, in boatbuilding, as in life, some stories do have happy endings. The story of “Jade Resurrected” as Como Nova is told in all its gory details, and happy ending, in the latest edition of Professional BoatBuilder. Thanks to Dan Spurr for covering the story.


Como Nova on the water

The rig on Como Nova has been stepped and she is on the water! We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Here are a few pictures... more can be found here.

2014-08-06 at 13-42-072014-08-06 at 13-23-33 - Version 2

Como Nova has launched!

Many thought this day would never come, we thought this day may never come, but Como Nova is back in the water! More details about the extraordinary journey to save this boat can be found here.

2014-07-18 at 10-29-50

Getting closer...

It has been a long journey to save Jade, but we brought her back to life with a new outer skin and finish. She now has a new owner who changed her name to Como Nova, Portuguese for "as new." Como is scheduled to launch very soon... stay tuned!

2014-04-03 at 10-32-53